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Who is being loud! 누가 이렇게 시끄러워!

프렌즈 시즌 1부터 정탐중인데요.

방심하고 봤다가 빵터진 장면이 있어 그냥 겉절이용 문장 하나 넣었습니다.

사실 재미있는건, 챈들러의 내눈!!! 내눈!!! 장면이지만요^^;


- 조이가 샤워실에 들어감

- 챈들러가 뒤에 들어감

- 조이의 비명소리와 챈들러의 유쾌한 리액션

- 레이첼의 반응 <- 요 문장이지요.



It is.
So, will you invite us to the big opening? -I need some moisturizer.
-For what? T oday's the big day! You got any tweezers? I think I have a rogue hair.
Go in the bathroom.
Use whatever you want.
Don't ever tell me what you did in there.
Thank you.
-Joey's mom's on the phone.
-ln the bathroom.
-You don't wanna go in there! -Come on, we' re roommates.
My eyes! My eyes! I warned you.
Who is being loud? Oh, that would be Monica.
Can I borrow stuff? I wanna make Aurora breakfast.
You got the whole night? Well, I only have 20 minutes until Ethan, so.
Do I sense resentment? No.
No resentment.

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